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Kill All Normies : Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right for $<!----> sale

Kill All Normies : Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right

How internet subcultures are conquering the mainstream, from from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the alt-right.

Obsidian Heart (The Sisters with the Glass Hearts & Jet Black heart (5SOS)) - eBook for $<!----> sale

Obsidian Heart (The Sisters with the Glass Hearts & Jet Black heart (5SOS)) - eBook

Once upon a time in a world where magic and technology collide with unexpected consequences…Despite the disabilities a curse has caused, tsarevna Rivka fights for her independence. Why can't her father, the tsar, understand that burning witches isn't the answer to her and her sisters' heart problems? She only learns how badly the curse affects the three princesses when she meets glass blower Nikolaj who seems to be tied to her in some strange way. Can she get her father to see reason before her heart drags her to hell?What if Richard von Volkmann-Leander hadn't known that "The Sisters with the Glass Hearts" were far more capable than you'd expect?The book includes a bonus story and the original fairy tale. And since it's the last book in the series, it is longer than the others.About the SeriesThis fantasy novella series combines sorcery and science. It features retellings of your favorite fairy tales and of tales you've never heard. The fairy tales are suitable for teens and older readers alike, mixing steampunk fiction with magical elements in a fantasy world on threshold of technological advance. If the traditional "once upon a time" opening still captures your imagination, you will love these tales.DRM-free DRM is a form of coding that makes it impossible to legally use an eBook on other eReaders. Since I don't want to patronize my readers, I am not using DRM. This way, everyone who buys one of my eBooks can convert it into the format supported by his/her eReader.

Hey, Let's Make a Band! : The Official 5SOS Book for $<!----> sale

Hey, Let's Make a Band! : The Official 5SOS Book

his book is pretty much our official story so far. It really does seem only like last week we played our first gig at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney. Since then we've been given the opportunity to turn into the people and musicians we wanted to be. The people who gave us the opportunity were the fans. So this book is like a thank you. We want everyone to know the story of how four western Sydney teenagers picked up their instruments and dreamed of being one of the biggest bands in the world. There are also some embarrassing photos of us derping around and some facts that some of us didn't even know. So we hope you enjoy it! Love, cal, luke, ash, and mike x.

Tumblr - eBook for $<!----> sale

Tumblr - eBook

Schritt für Schritt von den Grundlagen bis zum eigenen Blog Mit Hashtags und externen Werkzeugen noch effektiver bloggen Die virale Kraft von Tumblr auch geschäftlich nutzen Tumblr ist die neue Blogging-Plattform, die das klassische Bloggen mit den Sharing-Funktionen von Facebook und den visuellen Elementen von Instagram verbindet. Die Autoren führen Sie in diesem Praxisbuch Schritt für Schritt von den Tumblr-Grundlagen bis zum eigenen Blog. Sie erklären die verschiedenen Dashboards, den Newsstream und die Verwendung von Hashtags. Für effektiveres Arbeiten erläutern sie außerdem zeitlich versetztes Bloggen sowie externe Werkzeuge wie XKit oder IFTTT. Anhand von Beispiel-Blogs lernen Sie, vorhandene Themes zu nutzen oder sich ein eigenes Layout zu erstellen. Sie erfahren, wie Sie re-bloggen und liken und optimal mit der schnell wachsenden Community kommunizieren, um schnell viele Follower zu finden. Für den professionellen Einsatz zeigen die Autoren, wie Sie Google Analytics für Tumblr anwenden, Tumblr in die Social-Media-Strategie integrieren sowie Tumblr-Blogs sichern und migrieren.Andreas Werner bloggt auf WordPress und Tumblr und ist Autor mehrerer Bücher zu Social Media und Online-Marketing. Verena Bock macht Online-Marketing und Social Media und bloggt zu vegetarischen und veganen Gerichten.

Starter Kit per Tumblr - eBook for $<!----> sale

Starter Kit per Tumblr - eBook

Il 28 marzo, Tumblr ha superato i 100 milioni di blog; il 19 maggio successivo, Yahoo ha acquisito Tumblr per 1,1 miliardi di dollari. Tumblr si sta configurando sempre di più come la terza via al Social Network. Ma cos’è e, soprattutto, come funziona? Lo spirito che anima Tumblr è la condivisione. Il suo scopo è ispirare. Se il contenuto condiviso da un altro utente ispira particolarmente si clicca sul magico tasto del «Reblog», che consente la ri-pubblicazione rapida del post pubblicato da altri, mantenendo però tutti i link originali. Ogni utente di Tumblr, diventa un Content Curator che si occupa di cercare, selezionare e portare alla luce dei contenuti. L'obiettivo principale di queste pagine sarà dimostrare che Tumblr è il posto più bello del Web. Un luogo virtuale dove nessuno pretende niente da voi, dove non ci sono ansie da prestazione, né stress. Un luogo dove è possibile immergersi e abbandonarsi al flusso ininterrotto di concetti, idee, pensieri e immagini che il mondo ha piacere di condividere con voi (e viceversa).[Autrice]Laura Fontana, classe ’84, è giornalista, blogger e Social Media Manager. Dopo la Laurea in Scienze della Comunicazione nel 2006, inizia fin da subito a lavorare per la redazione web dei Democratici di Sinistra. Due anni dopo, accetta una borsa di studio Erasmus e vola in Germania, dove rimane un anno. Tornata in Italia, si laurea un’altra volta con una tesi sul “Giorno della memoria”, tra sociologia e New Media. Adesso lavora in una Web Agency, scrive per Vanity Fair e altri blog, e la sua curiosità non accenna a estinguersi. Ama Internet, le borse e i Beatles.

How to Make Money Marketing Your Business with Tumblr - eBook for $<!----> sale

How to Make Money Marketing Your Business with Tumblr - eBook

Tumblr: what it is, how it can extend your reach and deepen customer trust, and how to establish an effective Tumblr strategy for your company.   Tumblr can be a great way to jump into social media marketing. If you’re already neck deep, it’s a great way to reach an active new audience. The best part: you can feel your way around and measure results without allocating excessive time, money, and resources. Why Tumblr? Because it works.

Tumblr: The Ultimate Guide To Tumblr Marketing For Business - Audiobook for $<!----> sale

Tumblr: The Ultimate Guide To Tumblr Marketing For Business - Audiobook

Do you have a business and are looking for new and innovative ways to market it?Are you working to a budget but still need to advertise to millions?Tumblr could be your answer!With the rise of Social Media platforms, more and more businesses are turning to it to promote themselves. Tumblr is a relatively new addition that adds another dimension through blogging and the use of videos and photographs, but many businesses see it as an alternative to other ways of marketing themselves.With this book, Tumblr: The Ultimate Guide To Tumblr Marketing For Business, you will find a handful of short chapters which will help you to understand:- What Tumblr is- Why use Tumblr?- What’s a Tumblr Blog?- The 7 Steps to Tumblr Marketing SuccessYou could be on your way to promoting and growing your business at a fraction of what it would cost through traditional methods with the exciting effect that Tumblr has.Get a copy of Tumblr: The Ultimate Guide To Tumblr Marketing For Business and be amazed at what this innovative platform can do to help your business.

5 seconds of summer : le livre album-collector de 5SOS - eBook for $<!----> sale

5 seconds of summer : le livre album-collector de 5SOS - eBook

Le nouveau phénomène musical international !Plus irrésistible que jamais, retrouve ton groupe préféré dans ce livre numérique plein de photosLuke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin sont Australiens et forment depuis 2011 le groupe pop-rock 5 Seconds of Summer. Le groupe assure les premières parties des One Directions et rencontre un grand succès dans le monde entier. Ils ont sortis le 30 juin dernier leur tout premier album intitulé 5 Seconds of Summer.Qu'ils soient en famille ou en tournée, dans les coulisses ou sur scènes, vos idoles vous dévoilent tout !Retrouvez dans cet album numérique collector inédit des anecdotes sur chacun membre du groupe, ainsi que des photos exceptionnelles des concerts ou des selfies de moments plus intimes.Un album numérique à posséder absolument !

VLOG | 5SOS, Halloween Clubbing & The Madden Brothers

Hey Guys! ★ This week Nat got up to some Halloween shenanigans and went to see some live music! ★ Join our Chucky Family NOW: http://tinyurl.com/qzgoxg6 ★ Previous Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnJBaqIWoQ8&list=UUR0QkSR9CKNqF46-zsonXHg ★ Don't forget to hit the thumbs up button. ★ com...

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[email protected] YOU!

http://www.audible.com/t1/30trial_at?source_code=GO1GBSH060214909Y&mkwid=sFKifBmLE_dc&pcrid=51277589049&pmt=e&pkw=audible&gclid=CjwKEAjwjN2eBRDbyPWl0JLY5lYSJACPo0UimQ7n6eGX9iutjtY3xoWO1XMhRXeycz35i0cHf-MJ1BoCvjbw_wcB THANKS FOR WATCHING UR AWESOME AND RAD AND ILYYYYYY my links: Tumblr: http:...

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5SOS - Spooky Challenge (Sing, Rap, Dance, Act & More) | Artist Challenge

Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1Jy0DbO Watch 5 Seconds of Summer dress up in their Halloween costumes and act, rap, do the macarena, sing the new official Halloween theme song and dance the Whip/Nae Nae in the Spooky Challenge. Make sure to pick up their new album Sounds Like Feels Good in stores no...

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