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The Grim Steeper (A Teapot Collector Mystery Book 3) for $<!----> sale

The Grim Steeper (A Teapot Collector Mystery Book 3)

| ASIN: B00X593DCU

  • ASIN: B00X593DCU

  • The national bestselling author of Shadow of a Spout invites readers back to the Finger Lakes town of Gracious Grove for more tea and murder...Mid-October in the charming Finger Lakes town of Gracious Grove means it’s time for the annual Fall Fling Townwide Tea Party. The highlight of the festivities is a roaming tea-tasting, which includes a stop at Auntie Rose’s Victorian Tea House. Sophie Taylor would like to share her enjoyment of the event with her sort-of boyfriend, English teacher Jason Murphy, but Jason’s dean has accused him of falsifying grades to help an athlete at the local college. Steamed and stressed, Jason shows up the night of the party with bags under his eyes.   But the dean shows up under Sophie’s Japanese Maple later that night, murdered, and now Jason is suspected of far worse than fudging grade reports. It’s up to Sophie, her Nana, and their friends the Silver Spouts to pore over the clues to find out who really decided to teach the dean a lesson.

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] for $<!--$14.95--> sale

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]

    | ASIN: B0089N4G50

  • Brand: Shout! Factory
  • ASIN: B0089N4G50
  • UPC: 826663135220
  • Part No: 7860
    Two people discover a TV commercial will cue a madman's Halloween masks to explode.

    Undead Or Alive (Bad Things Book 3) for $<!----> sale

    Undead Or Alive (Bad Things Book 3)

    | ASIN: B01M8MS3GX

  • ASIN: B01M8MS3GX

  • Don't fear Death. Desire him.Cassius "Cass" Garvan is the last Reaper. One of the baddest of the bad...Cass can literally kill with a touch. He's the bounty hunter who always brings in his prey, undead or alive. This time, he has a new target...the all-too-tempting Amber Fortune. Hunting her down was the easy part. Giving her up? Cass isn't so sure that he can let her go.Amber has been on the run for decades, and she isn't about to surrender herself to the Reaper. Sure, maybe she does have a weakness for bad boys. Maybe she does like guys who have dark sides--and a man can't get darker than Death. And when Cass kisses her, she doesn't fear his touch. She wants him. Wanting a Reaper can be a very dangerous thing.When Amber finds herself trapped with the Reaper for forty-eight hours, she knows that she is in for the most dangerous time of her very long life. If she hopes to escape the torment coming her way, then Amber has to convince Cass to let her escape. Does Death have a heart? Amber is about to find out. She'll use every trick in her playbook to get Cass on her side. But even as she works to seduce him, Amber has to be very careful and not let Cass break through her control. Because everyone knows...Once you fall for Death, there is no turning back.Author's Note: UNDEA...

    Halloween II [Limited Edition Steelbook] [Blu-ray] for $<!--$26.65--> sale

    Halloween II [Limited Edition Steelbook] [Blu-ray]

    | ASIN: B07FJP7PBW

  • Brand: Shout! Factory
  • UPC: 826663190595

  • Picking up exactly where the first film left off, Halloween II follows the same ill-fated characters as they encounter the knife-wielding maniac they left for dead in the first film. But the inhuman Michael Myers is still very much alive and out for more revenge as he stalks the deserted halls of the Haddonfield hospital. As he gets closer to his main target, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasense) discovers the chilling mystery behind the crazed psychopath’s actions. Written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, Halloween II is a spine-tingling dark ride into the scariest night of the year…more of the night "He", came home.

    The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper's Destiny Collector's Edition 3 for $<!----> sale

    The Portal Prophecies: A Keeper's Destiny Collector's Edition 3

    | ASIN: 0994031173

  • ASIN: 0994031173

  • They are out there, somewhere. . .waiting. . .watching. . .lurking in the shadows. Every creature we have ever heard about. . .every story. . .legend. . .myth. . .all real. Maybe not exactly as we thought, but there is some truth behind it all. Vampires, shape-shifters, zombies, monsters, creatures that dwell in the deepest darkest area of our minds, are around every corner we turn. Book one of the Portal Prophecies Series, A Keeper's Destiny, follows a group of ancient races who join together with some unlikely teenage heroes.The only clues they have to help them are hidden within predictions contained in a book written long ago. Can they unravel the mysteries of their past and over come the deceptions of their leaders? Will they be able to decipher the prophecies in time to stop invading armies? Join Willow and her friends in this fast paced adventure!

    The Fog (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] for $<!--$16.95--> sale

    The Fog (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]

    | ASIN: B00C7E3EFU

  • Brand: Shout! Factory
  • ASIN: B00C7E3EFU
  • UPC: 826663141726
  • Part No: SFY14172BR
    When the fog rolls in... the terror begins! This moody horror classic from master of terror John Carpenter (The Thing) and producer Debra Hill (Escape from New York) stars Adrienne Barbeau (Swamp Thing), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Tom Atkins (Halloween III: Season of the Witch), Hal Holbrook (Creepshow) and Janet Leigh (Psycho). Don’t get lost in the fog... The sleepy seaside village of Antonio Bay is about to learn the true meaning of the word vengeance. For this seemingly perfect town masks a guilty secret... a past steeped in greed and murder. Exactly 100 years ago, a ship was horribly wrecked under mysterious circumstances in a thick, eerie fog. Now, shrouded in darkness, the long dead mariners have returned from their water grave to exact a bloody revenge.

    Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3: Teacher's Pest for $<!----> sale

    Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3: Teacher's Pest

    | ASIN: B00987RSL0

  • ASIN: B00987RSL0

  • “Two-headed monsters, giant tentacles, angry demons—Lovecraft Middle School is great creepy fun!” —Ransom Riggs, author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children   DON'T BE FOOLED by his friendly smile, his perfect manners, or his shiny red apple. Student council president Howard Mergler is actually a sinister bug-monster in disguise—and he's summoning swarms of roaches, wasps, fleas, and head lice into the corridors of Lovecraft Middle School!  Twelve-year-old Robert Arthur is the only student who can stop him--but he'll need help from his best friends: the school bully, the school ghost, and an extremely courageous two-headed rat.   This third novel in the Lovecraft Middle School series begins right where Professor Gargoyle and The Slither Sisters ended—with more action, more adventure, and more outrageous monsters!

    Trick 'R Treat [Blu-ray] for $<!--$24.42--> sale

    Trick 'R Treat [Blu-ray]

    | ASIN: B07FBB3SDG

  • Brand: Shout! Factory
  • UPC: 826663190564

  • A creepy, darkly comic celebration of the scariest night of the year from writer-director Michael Dougherty (Krampus, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters), Trick r’ Treat takes the Creepshow/Tales From The Crypt approach to nefarious new depths with four interwoven tales set on Halloween night. A high school principal (Dylan Baker) moonlights as a vicious serial killer; the quest of a young virgin (Anna Paquin) for that special someone takes a gruesome turn; a group of teens carries out a cruel prank with disastrous consequences; and a cantankerous old man (Brian Cox) battles a mischievous trick-or-treating demon.

    The Incredibles (2-Disc Collector's Edition) (DVD) for $<!----> sale

    The Incredibles (2-Disc Collector's Edition) (DVD)

    Known to the world as super heroes, the Parrs now live a quiet civilian life in the suburbs but when a villain threatens the world, the Parrs and their children will be the only people who can stop him in Pixar's animated classic.

    A Bug’s Life (Collector's Edition) (DVD) for $<!----> sale

    A Bug’s Life (Collector's Edition) (DVD)

    Embark on an incredible journey with one little ant as he searches for a brave band of warriors to help him battle the bullying grasshoppers who threaten his home. When he stumbles on a bumbling troupe of circus bugs instead, their only hope for victory is the bond of friendship and the awesome power of imagination. Crawling with fun-loving characters and featuring a star-studded voice cast, this epic film of miniature proportions is a "triumph of storytelling," says the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Halloween (Unrated Collector's Edition) for $<!----> sale

    Halloween (Unrated Collector's Edition)

    Halloween (Three-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)

    Wreck-It Ralph (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray + DVD) for $<!----> sale

    Wreck-It Ralph (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray + DVD)

    From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a hilarious, arcade-game-hopping journey in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. For decades, Ralph has played the bad guy in his popular video game. In a bold move, he embarks on an action-packed adventure and sets out to prove to everyone that he is a true hero with a big heart. As he explores exciting new worlds, he teams up with some unlikely new friends including feisty misfit Vanellope von Schweetz. Then, when an evil enemy threatens their world, Ralph realizes he holds the fate of the entire arcade in his massive hands.

    Big Hero 6 (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) for $<!----> sale

    Big Hero 6 (Collector's Edition) (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

    With all the heart and humor audiences expect from Walt Disney Animation Studios, BIG HERO 6 is an action-packed comedy adventure that introduces Baymax, a lovable, personal companion robot, who forms a special bond with robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to Baymax and his diverse group of friends -- adrenaline junky Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred -- who transform into a band of unlikely heroes. Bring home Disney's BIG HERO 6, featuring comic-book-style action and hilarious, unforgettable characters -- it's fun for the whole family!

    Open Range (Collector's Edition) (DVD) for $<!----> sale

    Open Range (Collector's Edition) (DVD)

    Packed with epic action, Open Range is a powerfully gripping story that's never been told until now, and stars Academy Award(R) winners Robert Duvall (1983 Best Actor, Tender Mercies) and Kevin Costner (1991 Best Director, Dances With Wolves), and Academy Award(R) nominee Annette Bening (1999 Best Actress, American Beauty). A group of free grazers, four men trying to escape their past, are driving cattle and living off the land on the open range -- a place where nature makes the only laws. When a ruthless, evil rancher tries to run them out of town, the men's peaceful existence takes a tumultuous turn and ends in the grittiest, most explosive gunfight on film as two men battle a town for honor, justice, and a way of life that's quickly disappearing.

    1941 (Collectors Edition) (DVD) for $<!----> sale

    1941 (Collectors Edition) (DVD)

    DVD, 120 minutes, MCA / UNIVERSAL


    Halloween III: Season of the Witch Collector's Edition Blu-ray Review

    Here's a review for the new Blu-ray that Shout/Scream Factory released for Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Here's my older, more in-depth review of the film itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdKrotAMuY8 Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a 1982 American science fiction horror film ...

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    Halloween III: Season of the Witch Limited Edition SteelBook

    Link to product (Supports the channel): https://amzn.to/30VHnSL Thank you for watching the video! Please like, comment, and subscribe for more videos!

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    HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III Novelizations - Collector's Corner

    ►Want a YouTube partnership? Apply here: http://r.mker.tv/NkHImx ►Use promo code RUEMORGUE to get 10% off your subscription to Horror Block: http://bit.ly/1rWzhU0 ►Awesome horror shirts: http://bit.ly/KXlpq0 ►Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/pizowell Stay connected. Be sure to like my Facebook pa...

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